We carry a wide range of products for dancers of all ages, styles, and sizes.

An extensive, but not all inclusive list of items we carry in store. Call or email us if you have any questions regarding our stock.


Ballet Attire/Shoes

  • NEW: Now carrying leotards from Eleve Dancewear!
  • Child leotards, dresses, skirts, and tutus from size 2-4 to 14
  • Adult leotards from XS to XL from all the leading brands, including Ainsleywear, Suffolk, Bloch, Mirella, Capezio, and Yumiko
  • Warm up tops, bottoms, and legwarmers
  • Canvas and leather flat shoes in pink, black, white, and tan from child size 7 to adult size 12
  • Practice tutus in adult size XS to XL
  • Character skirts from child size 8 to adult large
  • Pointe shoes from Bloch, Capezio, Mirella, Grishko, Gaynor, Suffolk, Russian Pointe and Freed. Call for availability and to make an appointment for a professional pointe fitting
  • Pointe accessories: toe pads, lambs wool, ribbons, elastics, glue, spacers, and rosin
  • Bullet Pointe shorts and skirts
  • Boys/Mens tights and shirts

Jazz, Tap, Ballroom, and Competition Wear

  • Slip on and lace up jazz shoes from Bloch and Capezio in black and tan in child size 10 to adult size 14
  • Oxford and Mary Jane style tap shoes from Bloch and Capezio from child size 10 to adult size 14 (We do not sell separate taps)
  • Apolla Shocks in Performance and Infinite
  • Half-sole lyrical shoes, foot undeez, and dance paws
  • 1.5" to 2.5" ballroom shoes in black and tan by Bloch and Capezio
  • Men's ballroom shoes by Bloch and Capezio
  • Leotards by Five Dancewear in youth medium to adult large
  • Tops and bottoms to mix and match
  • Dance sneakers by Bloch and Capezio in adult sizes

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Yoga, Fitness, and Training Tools

  • Bras, tops, leggings, and shorts by Free People
  • Yoga mats, carriers, and blocks by Gaiam
  • Suffolk foam rollers, sticks, and balance boards
  • Therabands and flexibility bands
  • The PirouetteMaster by Improve Dance (the safest turning board on the market!)
  • Fitness tops, leggings, jazz pants, and harem pants



  • Hair pins, bobby pins, hair ties, hair nets, and other hair accessories
  • Tights in child through adult in footed, footless, convertible, stirrup, fishnet, and skating over the boot in pink, black, and multiple skin tones
  • TY beanie babies
  • Warm up booties
  • Child and adult dance bags in varying sizes
  • Dream Duffel products
  • Water bottles